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From our boats to your home, get fresh wild Alaskan seafood delivered straight to you!

49th Fresh 49th Fresh

Get fresh wild Alaskan seafood delivered to you!

Get fresh wild Alaskan seafood delivered to you!

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A family owned and operated business delivering fresh-caught wild Alaskan seafood right to your doorstep. We value healthy and sustainable seafood, and provide customers with a true 'ocean to table' experience. We believe everyone deserves to know where their fish comes from, and experience the delicious benefits of wild Alaskan seafood.

Customer Reviews

Wild Coho 'Silver' Salmon

Top Quality

I definitely recommend to friends and family.
By David S
Wild Halibut


Amazing taste

Wild Halibut

Anthony J
Wild Sockeye 'Red' Salmon


Absolutely the best salmon I have ever had!! Hands down
Brian L
Wild Coho 'Silver' Salmon

Fish On!

The Salmon is just wonderful. When fried it just has such a great favor.
Lillian H
Wild Halibut


I had the opportunity to try 49th Fresh halibut in a friends home. They had it prepared in different ways. I tried the fried halibut! Yummy!! All of the guest were talking about how great the halibut and other fish from 49th fresh tasted.

Wild Halibut

Monique R
Wild Coho 'Silver' Salmon

Nothing Else Compares

It is simply delicious!
Terence B

Keep It Coming!

I love halibut and I'm on my third order.
Purchased: Wild Halibut
Chris C
Wild Sockeye

Best Value

This was the best salmon and most fresh salmon I have ever had. I loved how fast it was delivered and the packages were sealed perfectly for shipping. I will be ordering all my fish from 49th Fresh now and the prices are great too.
Brandon S
Wild Halibut


The fish frys extremely well. I will definitely be purchasing more of this fish.

Wild Halibut

Joshua I
Wild Coho

Dinner Time

It was off the chain! The best I ever had and I cooked it myself!!
Jackie R
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